Hot-Hed® International's Corporate Profile & Company History

Hot-Hed® International

Corporate Profile & Company History

Hot-Hed® International has been providing critical time and money saving Oilfield Services and innovative Petroleum Industry Products, crucial Oil and Gas Equipment Rentals and highly qualified Petroleum Engineers and Technicians to Petroleum Producers and Oil and Gas Exploration companies worldwide for nearly 50 years. Our company's patented signature product - the well-known Hot-Hed® - was our founder's first expertly engineered. This revolutionary Oilfield Product is a non-toxic, exothermic heater deigned to uniformly raise wellhead and casing temperatures to API standards in 5 to 10 minutes, maintaining those temperatures long enough to complete inner and outer welds.

The Hot-Hed® Pre-heating/Post-heating System for Wellhead Installations was the starting point for our company to further develop additional innovative Oilfield Products and to eventually provide Oilfield Support Services for the products we manufacture, mainly for the domestic market at that time. Over the next few years, Hot-Hed® launched an aggressive marketing and distribution campaign to introduce its specialty Offshore Products and Oilfield Services and Equipment Rentals to the International Petroleum and Gas Sectors. Utilizing a hand-picked group of established agents in key areas of the globe, this campaign resulted in substantial success for Hot-Hed® as a company. The potential for Hot-Hed®'s growth was then realized, specifically in the Petroleum and Gas Industry Services Sector.

Today, Hot-Hed® has established offices located in all significant Petroleum and Gas Sectors of the world. Hot-Hed® International's Oilfield Services, Products, Engineers and Technicians can be found globally, in key international locations related to the Oil and Gas Industry. The key to Hot-Hed®'s continual success and growth is our constant development of new, innovative oil tools products and the ongoing development of our catch-phrase - "Just a Better Way to do Things". We strongly believe there is always a better way to save our customers crucial time and money and have patented several ground-breaking Products to do so. In addition to the original Hot-Hed® Preheater/Postheater for Wellhead Installations, our company now also holds several patents on the following products (**not patented):

  • Pressurized Hot Work Habitat™ - the first Pressurized Habitat made available to the Petroleum Industry **
  • Hot-Bev'lr® - Hot-Hed®'s Conductor Pipe & Casing Cutter for cutting casings & conductors at any angle
  • Hot-Chek® - Hot-Hed®'s Nitrogen Weld Integrity Testing System
  • Press-Test® - Hot-Hed®'s portable Pressure Testing System for Wellheads, Xmas Tree Cavities & HPHT Wells
  • Mud-Saver® - Hot-Hed®'s specially designed Mud Bucket for 100% Drilling Fluid Recovery
  • Hot-Jnt® - Hot-Hed®'s Welding, Pipe & Caisson Pre-heater & Post-weld Treatment

Each of our Oilfield Services and/or Products is completely unique and targeted directly towards a specific Offshore niche market, in all segements of the Petroleum Industry - upstream, midstream, downstream, greenfield and brownfield.

Hot-Hed® International's Oilfield Services have also displayed robust growth over the past several years. Our introduction of additional Onshore and Offshore Services to the Petroleum Industry, which complement our existing range of Oilfield Services, has enabled Hot-Hed® International to achieve continued success. To ensure Hot-Hed® remains in the forefront of the Petroleum and Gas Industry, we continue to invest capital in Research and Development, as well as recruit additional dedicated Technicians, Engineers and Welders with the Industry expertise that will provide our Petroleum Industry Clients with the top-level workmanship they demand, as well as carry our company into its next phase of development.