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Hydraulic Nut & Bolt Splitting Services & Equipment Rentals - Safely Remove Corroded Nuts & Bolts - Oilfield Services

Hot-Hed® International's Hydraulic Nut Splitters are a fast, positive, safe method of removing corroded or seized nuts or bolts of any grade up to HRc-44 hardness. All sizes of nuts, from 1/2" to 5-3/5" A/F, are covered by our wide range of nut splitting tools designed to fit all API and ANSI flanges.

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Nuts are removed quickly and safely, avoiding such hazardous and time consuming removal and replacement procedures such as grinding, sawing and flame cutting. Nuts can be removed without any damage to the studs; easy set up means cuts are made in only seconds.

Hot-Hed®'s Nut Splitters are powered by a manual 10,000psi hydraulic pump, which means they can be used in the field or at any remote onshore or offshore location without the requirement of an additional power source.

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