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In addition to eliminating the need for hazardous flame cutting, the cold cutting method enables operators to meet all potential safety requirements, both onshore and offshore.

Hot-Hed®’s air-driven cold cutters are portable, lightweight and compact, allowing for easy transport and quick setup of equipment on any work site. Our split-frame, pneumatic cold cutting equipment produces a lathe-type, beveled or straight cut on pipes or casings up to 32" in diameter.

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Hot-Hed®’s split frame cold cutters are air driven and capable of both cutting and bevelling all grades of pipe and casing from 7" to 32" O.D. and a wall thickness up to 2-1/2".

Our cold cutting system produces a lathe-type beveled finish on casing ends without altering metallurgical properties. Cutting equipment quickly splits to mount to casing O.D. and requires minimal radial and axial clearance. The cold cutter can be set up and operational in less than 30 minutes.

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