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Mud-Saver® Drilling Mud Bucket for 100% Drilling Fluid Recovery - Patented Drilling Mud Box - Oilfield Products

Hot-Hed® International's Mud-Saver® is our specially engineered, patented drilling mud bucket, designed for 100% drilling fluid recovery. It replaces the standard mud box commonly used by Offshore Operators. Several features of our expertly engineered mud bucket have resulted in Hot-Hed®'s drilling mud bucket to be utilized by major petroleum and gas industry companies around the world.

With the conventional drilling mud box, some mud is lost over the bell nipple or onto the rotary table and floor when pulling wet strings. Our Mud-Saver® catches and returns this fluid to the active mud system or trip tank.

Hot-Hed®'s Mud-Saver® also prevents the loss of drilling fluids and spillage onto rig floors, greatly reducing the risk of accidental polluting when drilling in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Reduction of operating costs is also quite pronounced when using Hot-Hed®'s Mud-Saver® and is another key feature of our patented drilling mud bucket. Cost savings is accomplished by saving drilling fluids such as weighted muds, oil-based fluids, expensive drilling or completion fluids and water-based muds where water itself is at a premium.

Our Mud-Saver® also improves operations safety by preventing slick floors that can lead to crew accidents. In addition, eliminating drilling fluid spillage onto rig floors reduces crew clean-up time and cuts wash-water disposal volumes. It also allows more precise monitoring of hole-fill volume, thus providing superior pressure control.

Hot-Hed's Mud-Saver® fits all drill pipe sizes from 3-1/2" to 6-5/8", as well as production tubing from 2-3/8" to 3-1/2". Inserts for each pipe can be installed in less than 2 minutes and change-out requires no special tools. All tool parts are inherently inert to normal drilling fluids and are fabricated from materials which guarantee durability and low maintenance.

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