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Hot-Hed® International's Hot-Tap is a drilling machine used to make connections to pipelines, tanks and plant piping without the need to shutdown. Hot-Hed®'s Hot-Tapping Services are also utilized in making hot taps in preparation for plugging machine operations.

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Hot-Hed® International provides hot tap drilling tools and equipment which are manually or pneumatically power-driven and are capable of making 1/2" through 4" (DN15-DN100) taps. This allows Hot-Hed® Service Crews to tap into pipe and tanks while they are still under pressure, without the need to shutdown. Our Hot Tapping tools are also used to install 2" and 3" completion plugs in tapping nipples to permit recovery of tapping valves.

Our Hot Tapping Services can also be combined with our Pressurized HABITAT™ Hot Work Safety Enclosure to reduce costs when utilizing liquid nitrogen for pipe freezing. Please see our Hot Tapping & Pipe Freezing Client Demo to see our crews utilizing a combination of Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing and Hot Tapping.

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