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Hot-Jnt® Patented Welding, Pipe, Casing & Caisson Pre-heater - Welding Preheater - Post-weld Treatment - Stress-reliever for Conductor Drive Pipe, Pilings & Caissons

Hot-Hed® International's Hot-Jnt® is our patented pre-heater for conductor drive pipe, piling and caissons. Our patented Hot-Jnt® can be used for pre-heating pipes or casings up to 72" in diameter with up to a 3" wall thickness.

The Hot-Jnt® heats thick wall pipes and caissons within a few minutes, thus saving operators valuable time and money.

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Our Hot-Jnt® is suspended from a Cat line or air-hoist inside the drive pipe or piling and then ignited, allowing the joints of pipe or casing to heat to the required temperature prior to welding the joints together.

Hot-Hed®'s Hot-Jnt® can also be used as a post-weld treatment for stress-relieving pipes and caissons (Post-Weld Heat Treatment / PWHT), and is an ideal solution in remote areas where no power source is available.

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