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Press-test™ Patented Wellhead Pressure Testing System - Test Pressure of HPHT Wells - Xmas Tree Cavity Pressure Test

Hot-Hed® International's Press-test™ is a patented, economical system which utilizes a compressed, air-driven gas intensifier and an inert gas with a tracer gas for field testing well head and christmas tree cavities.

The self-contained, easily transportable unit has been successfully utilized on several HPHT wells in remote locations. Qualified Hot-Hed® technicians are provided as part of our Press-test™ Wellhead Testing Service.

Conventional methods of testing wellhead and christmas tree cavities on High Pressure / High Temperature (HPHT) wells employ water or oils. This use of water or oils can ultimately cause corrosion to metal parts or degrade elastomers.


In addition, temperatures generated during flowing conditions of High Pressure High Temperature oil wells have the potential to heat these fluids to a degree that fluid expansion can potentially collapse the metal seal sleeves and seals.

Our Press-Test eliminates the use of these damaging substances and utilizes a pressure testing system which is reliable, safe and accurate.

Once flanges and cavities are pressurized, our Hot-Chek® Sniffer - used in detecting weld leaks - is used to 'sniff' flanges and lockdown screws to establish the presence of any leaks. Wellhead leak repairs can then be conducted as necessary. Holding the pressure for a specified amount of time also enables the detection of any internal leaks.

Upon completion of testing, the gas is vented to atmospheric pressure. This allows the gas to expand during well flow conditions and be within the acceptable pressure limits of the sealing mechanisms.

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